Guide to Setting an Online Drop Ship Account

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Our online Drop Ship system enables you to view our drop ship prices and navigate through the drop ship process one-stop.
Please click the Register button to the upper left corner of to register a retail account with us. After that, email your user name to along with some basic information.

This information includes:
1)    a link to your website if you are an online business,
2)    an address where you conduct your business and preferably a photo of your shop if you are a vapor shop owner.

dropship resigter

When approved, your retail account will be upgraded to a Drop Ship Account for you by our staffer manually. You will then receive a notification email.

Once you are approved to have a Drop Ship Account, here’s how you can navigate through our online ordering system.
1.    Log in to your Drop Ship Account by clicking the upper left login button at any pages of our site, shown as image below.
dropship login
2.    Once you are logged in, you’ll have access to viewing our drop ship prices next to the original prices.

dropship ecig

3.    Add the product for drop shipping to your shopping cart. After putting in cart everything you need at Ave40, you are ready to check out by clicking the pull-down button beside the shopping cart.


4.    At check-out, please fill in the information of Billing Details, Delivery Details, Delivery Method, Payment Method and Confirm Order in a precise manner. After this, click CONTINUE to proceed to the Payment Page via PayPal. Please don’t forget to enter the address of your customer to whom you’d like us to drop ship the goods.

If you have any questions concerning all these, please drop us an email to Our staffers will resolve them for you in time.
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