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How do you buy E-juice when you have no idea what it tastes like? A lot of folks (including me) rely on reading reviews to get an idea of what an E-juice will taste like. However, E-juice product description and review is famous for their odd and abstract terminology. For this reason, I rarely write reviews about e-juice, unless it’s really good that I can’t help ourselves:) .

Although I received all these items free of charge for purposes of test and review, but this review is not to make a business or to SELL juice. That being said, I am here trying to be more honest, more accurate, more objective (though flavor description is just simply subjective), and more importantly, make it specific and simple for better understood. 
So today we are going to take a look at a lineup of 60ml e-juice from an American-based company called FRESH
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The atomizer we are using is the HANKER RDA and we have it built with 3/4 wrap dual coils of 24 guage kanthal with an 2.5mm id, ohming out to about 0.35. The Airflow is 2/3 open. The mod SMOK H-PRIV is set at 48 watts.
Product Features & Spec:
Size: 60ml
80/20 VG/PG Ratio
Available in 0, 3, and 6mg Strengths
Sold Individually
Made in the USA
First of all, let’s take a look at the packaging design of this lineup. There are 3 flavor in this lineup. THE G.O.A.T is the sort of flavor I have never tasted in real life which some vapers called it Sweet Tea flavor. Though I have no idea what kind of sweet tea it is, but its overwhelming use of black, occasionally punctuated by white and red, is quite confusing since such color palette is very street hip pop feeling, which is not sweet or fresh as sweet tea. The same problems exist in the aggressively RED(not blue) bottle of THE MAX which is sort of blueberry cake flavor according to the official product description and the dismal grey bottle of CLEAN CREAM which is vanilla bean caramel ice cream flavor. 

Actually, the market is filled with a lot of E-juices with funny but weird names which serve no practical purpose, such as Vampire Blood, Vampire Breath, Slug Juice, Unicorn Vomit etc. And the FRESH lineup E-juice are no exception. Some of these names are translation fails and others are just either poor name choices. Still, you might say they are just trying to create the illusion of special secret-recipe while adding character , or they are pretending to be something more profound that it is to caters towards modern trends of ‘’complexity and intricacy’’.

For me, maybe the marketing and design team just completely gave up. Then again, how else could those JUICE-OENOPHILES describe their beverage of choice? You have to come up with a specific comparisons. If someone tells you that the bottle of G.O.A.T smell and vape like sweet tea, Long Island Iced Tea, Oolong tea, or whatever tea, you don't expect it to taste just like goat, but you can enjoy it and say, "I see what you mean."  Then finally, delicious things could be described and named in terms of other delicious things rather than just some vague, thin, and immature words.  

I grew up with traditional Chao Shan congou tea and can be VERY critical when it comes to tea. That being said, this sweet tea flavor is good. Since I have never tried such tea in the real life, I never thought that British + Korean+ Cantonese (at least that's what I thought ) would mesh so well this unique way! With seven reviewers here, three of them think the sweet taste of this juice is just too strong and the rest are okay with that. Personally, the sweetness here is more of a black-sugar taste rather than white sugar, rock sugar, caramel or honey. If you have tried the HK style Milk Tea, then that’s what I am talking about here.

As for tea, half of the tasters complained that it was a little bit mild while half of the rest admired its subtle bitter-sweet after taste. Personally, the sweet taste kind of tainted the tea odor, so my main complaint here, though being strict and picky, the mixture is a little bit of hit or miss... sometimes, under the proper set-up, this sweet tea is perfect and sometimes it's just too sweet. But then, with no too much artificial taste it is still a welcome move. 

One brisk, blue morning, under the oblique rays of the sun on the British orchards, you picked blueberries, and carried them home, tossed them together with flour and eggs, sugar glaze and other ingredients, you finally got the most perfect homemade donuts ever. All of this lovely images and imagination only happened in my MAX juice vaping moment. The MAX has been my favorite since I vape it on my first starter kit a few years ago, although this juice flavor is not an earth shattering discovery, the classic blueberry donut with good glaze is always a nostalgic winner in my flavor segment. I love the roasted cake flavor with blueberry.

Some of our testers said the juice is way too sweet in the mouth and sometimes 1/2 sweet will be perfect, but for me, the blueberry here isn't sweetened as much as those artificial fruit eJuice, its very fresh and nature. Besides, the texture of this juice is just very comfortable and you can get the moist and dense feeling at the back of your throat.


I am not a huge lover of ice cream in my desserts in the real life, and I am more of a fruit-taste vaper. So I don’t really like this flavor so much. One of the few exceptions that is at least safe for me and kind of delight my sense a little bit is this roasted caramel and vanilla ice cream. I like these two together! These two features a decent cohesiveness of textures and flavors.

Although It’s a little bit oily, the CLEAN CREAM is quite luscious, rich, fudgy, as the other reviewer get from this juice. Generally speaking, the delicate taste of a variety of caramel vanilla ice cream works well.
I can say that all of the FRESH juices we reviewed today actually vaped good and they were relatively smooth at the back of throat. I like The MAX the most cause I was familiar with it from back in the day, but I enjoyed the rest of the line even the CLEAN CREAM flavor too. Besides, I would like to see this lineup with new and more charming looks, or maybe some new catchy names.  
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