IJOY WondervapeCO 270 MECH MOD KIT Preview

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For the second time, IJOY is launching out a shiny jewel of a 20700-battery device — a Vaping- enthusiast mechanical mod with vibrant colors, and very reflective finishes. We are talking about the IJOY WondervapeCO 270 MECH MOD KIT.
As I mention in my last review of IJOY CAPTAIN PD270,when the power output of Vaping devices has drifted higher and higher, rather than juggling between the battery capacity and size by putting out another dual 18650 battery, triple 18650 battery or even quadruple 18650 battery devices, IJOY is trying to use 20700 cells to seek a perfect balance between performance, availability and size. 
Meanwhile, current mech mods come a variety of shapes and sizes beyond your standard tube, that is to say, they are not rare nor unprecedented in this industry. However, the 20700 one is very catchy. The premise is very easy to understand: WondervapeCO 270 is a simple and pragmatic mech mod supported by a single 20700 cell. They maybe not for starters, but this 20700 mech mod must impress a lot Vaping enthusiasts and frenzied collectors.
Features and Parameter
RDA Diameter 24mm
Mod Diameter 26mm
ULTEM Drip tip
Two Post Build Deck
PEEK insulator
Adjustable bottom and side airflow
Rounded Internal Top Cap
Gold Plated 510 contact
Interchangeable tubes
Spinning structure fire button
20700 battery included
18650 battery adapter
Product includes
IJOY WondervapeCO 270 will have 5 different tubes (interchangeable sleeve) for vapers to choose from. They are Black, Rainbow, Carbon fiber, Resin and Blue Carving. The delicate brushed finish, which capture and reflect the light as the light running from bottom to top, adding movement in texture. It is pleasing to the eye for sure. 
WondervapeCO measures only 26mm diameter and 133mm height. It can fit comfortably in your pocket. The cool minimalist design continues with the ergonomics fire button. WondervapeCO 270 features a Spinning structure fire button, absolutely the one that you have never seen before. Simply put, the fire button works as the bottom battery cover as well. When filling the 20700 battery, all you need to do is simply unscrew the battery. It’s very convenient. Besides, the pack also comes with a 18650 adapter, which is a welcome move and you don’t have to toss away your old 18650 batteries.
The fire button at the bottom is well-proportioned, clear-cut and reasonable sited, improving the operating experience. I like this kind of fire buttons because it is comfortable to press. It reduces jerky feeling on the thumb while boost usability by making sure buttons provide feedback.
WondervapeCO 270 features the ULTEM drip tip, which is one of the most common brand for the thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI). ULTEM are highly heat resistant, solvent, and flame resistant. Most ULTEM drip tip, just like the one on WondervapeCO 270, are an opaque dark yellow.
As for the tank, it comes with a unique designed build deck. The dual-electrode and four-hole electrode structure is very convenient for building coils, and the four cotton grooves are very functional to adjust the cotton’s length and density. 

Overall, WondervapeCO 270 is an innovative 20700 mech mod that looks outstanding and performs excellent. It has the huge potential to be a well-selling device aimed at seasoned mech mod hobbyists seeking a bigger battery capacity. If you're out looking for a budget-friendly device, keep an eye out for the, WondervapeCO 270 at ave40.com. We truly believe that it’s gonna hit the market in the near future.. read more
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