Vaper Games EP5 VGod Johnny & Zach & Wanatasha Vape Trick Competition

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Who can use their Vape tricks to attract the most attention of the locals in the Street of Shenzhen ? Vaper Games EP5 Special – Johnny and Zach with Wan Natasha reality show! Featuring an exclusive interview with VGod Johnny and Zach! Comment below to share your ideas!

All Winners At Here!!!

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Now all winners(the giveaway on our intagram)are picked out and listed here, we just list your name and tracking number, so you can check the tracking according to your name.

Vaper Games Episode 1 by Ave40 Comes Out!

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Here are games to have fun with your vaping gears as, they are more than devices that vapes! Games rules are easy to follow, as long as you’ve got a mod and tank that woks, everybody above legal smoking age could take part in,

Vaper Games - Trailer by AVE40

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Ave40 is proud to introduce to you the Vaper Games! What you are watching now is the trailer of our upcoming serial Vaper Games show. Enterntaining and informative, the Vaper Games is probably the fist ever made Asian vaper game show that's fun in the games we play and bridges the gap between vaper communities and vape manufactuerers in the interview part.

Statement About Ave40's Official Website

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Dear Users, To better allocate our sales resources, we have made some changes on our official website . After the adjustment, Users could not order products directly on this site anymore; For wholesale, vendors could submit a wholesale inquiry at the bottom of any page, click Wholesale Inquiry beside the product, go to WHOLESALE, or email us at . A salesperson will be arranged to provide all the info. a vendor needs. Retail service is no longer available via this sit
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