Ave40 Thanks-Giving Gifts - Win 10 Colorful Smoant Battlestars

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so what better way to show our thanks than to giveaway tons of vape gear? Are u ready? This time we prepare 10 smoant Battlestar Mods with various colors (10 colors) for giveaway.
10 colors for you guys: Silver, White, Yellow, Black, SS, Dark Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Bronze Blue and Copper-Colored (You can see the 10 colors of Smoant Battlestar here.)

Colors of prizes will be selected randomly at time of shipment.

Guess what colors of Smoant Battlestar you will receive? What will be your lucky color on Thanksgiving?

The winners will be announced on 29th Nov, 2016. Good luck!


Hi, all! Ten lucky dogs have been picked up. Ten lucky dogs will receive a color smoant battlestar mod. So please send me your shipping details by email(info@ave40.com). Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

Ave40 Thanksgiving Gifts - Win 10 Colorful Smoant Battlestars
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