Valentine's Day Givaway-10 Free OBS V Tank

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My friends, LOVE is in the air!! But LOVE is not just between LOVERS. This Valentine’s Day we want to celebrate with you – our LOVALBE VAPERS! With the AVE40 Valentines special edition Giveaway, from 14th to 21st Feb, each of the TEN lucky birds will receive a OBS V TANK as Valentine’s Day Gift! That’s right, Valentine’s Day is 100% planned for the lucky birds who win these 10 premium tanks.

V-Tank(click here for more details ), an epitome of OBS 's superior technology, with ergonomic top-side filling system, excellent airflow control allowing you to choose either MTL (mouth-to-lung) or DTL (direct-to-lung), and superb coil technology for wonderful taste experience. To feel the love and to be healthy, OBS V-Tank is waiting for you!

The winners will be announced on 22nd Feb, 2017.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Congratulations! Ten lucky dogs come out! If you are the one, please send an email to with the following infos


Notice: You also tell me the name and email you used in the giveaway

10 Free OBS V Tank Giveaway for Valentine’s Day
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