Ave40 11.11 Shopping Festival Deal and Coupon Codes!

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11.11 is a special day for consumers in China. There are rounds of discounts and deals going on at all the major local and global B2C websites. To bring this gala to our vaping community, we have selected the best and newest vape gears and mark down the prices so that you get an unprecedented discount. For the selected few, you can even use our coupon codes on the already-low price.

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Well, let’s get right to the point. Here is a list of the selected vape gears.

Joyetech eGo ONE VT Starter Kit


Original Price: US$45.9
Promotional Price: US$39.9
Use code EGOONEVT10 to save an extra 10% to US$35.91!

Joyetech eGo ONE CT Starter Kit 1100mAh

Original Price: US$42.5
Use code EGOONECT10 to save an extra 10% to US$38.25!

Joyetech eGo ONE CT Starter Kit 2200mAh

Original Price: US$45.5
Use code EGOONECT10 to save an extra 10% to US$40.95!

Joyetech eVIC VTC MINI Full Kit

Original Price: US$89
Promotional Price: US$50

Joyetech evic VT 60W BOX MOD

Original Price: US$59.99
Promotional Price: US$45

Baby One 80W Tube MOD—a perfect match with Kanger Subtank Mini black and white

Original Price: US$34.99
Use code BABYONE10 to save an extra US$10 to US$24.99!

Codes are valid from 10 Nov. to 10 Dec. Eastern Standard Time

For a longer list of products on sale, please visit this link:

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Vape on everybody!
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