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Woody Vapes is one of the few American "cool box" brands that I take a keen interest in. Their product design team have been slowly creeping their way upmarket with some really unique "woody" designs. The latest device that caught my attention is the Wood X200 Box Mod that I am going to review today.
Something like Wood X200 on your vape collection is sure to get comments. Die-hard fans will probably know that this is actually not the first time for Woody Vapes to use wood in their boxes. For those who are new to this brand, let me try to quickly summarize what you should know. California Woody Vapes, also known as Woody Vapes, had a good reputation first in Western vape market, then it starts to rise popularity in China and other Asian countries, probably thanks to the vintage redux movement in the vape industry around the whole world. They have managed to keep the prices competitive, while maintaining a unique and delicate "woody" design with plenty of characters and high-grade construction. The earlier Woody boxes was successful and sold out, so Woody Vapes decided to bring Wood X200 back, with the benefits of matured, go-to “woody” design and new featured technology.
Size: 98*60*27.5mm
2*18650 Battery
Input Vol: 6.4-8.5V
Output Watt: 7-200W
Temperature Range: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F
Atomizer Resistance under Temp Control: 0.05-1.0Ω
Atomizer Resistance under Watt: 0.05-3.0Ω
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Current: 1800Ma
Charging time: 3-4H
High Quality 200W Gene Chip
Aircraft Aluminum Case
High end US Finish Tech
Imported Stabilized Wood without Color Fading
Temperature Control (Ni, Ti, SS Coil) and adjustable Watt Mode
Several Security Protection methods
In the box
1 x MOD device
1 x USB cable
1 x  Instructions
1 x Warranty card
1 x ( click here to place an order at AVE40 )gift box

Woody Vapes has three series, the E118, the S3, and today’s Stabilized Wood X200 – differentiated by battery cases and battery filling methods. The design of Wood X200, falling within the “Stabilized Wood" series, is inspired by the art of wood joinery and it provides appearance in a carpentry and wood art setting. 
There was a time, I somehow doubted these artsy-fartsy "woody" boxes will find their way onto the collection of many modern young vapers. But, it turned out that Stabilized Wood ’s charisma speaks for itself. People love it. 

So, there’s no denying that the wood box continues to be one of the hottest things in vape industry right now. Even those Minimalist modern design language couldn’t help taking out a slice of yesteryear’s trends. As for Wood X200, rather than go full-metal or full-wood, it takes a safer route with a combo of wood faceplates and metal shell.  Therefore, Wood X200 should be welcome news for those who’ve long been eager to join the Woody club but were looking for a box mod with a bit less country club vibes.
The Wood X200 Box Mod I received comes with red color Aluminum with baking finish paint on the wood plate. The baking finish paint here is to prevent Color Fading and the loss scratch. I appreciate such familiar looks and sharp appeal. To be honest, that is pretty much "great but not striking" appearance. Even when such compo is no less impressive today than they were a year ago, but the overall "wow" factors of the X200 is somewhat slightly diminished in the use of its same artistic element when compared to other two series. But then, it’s also a WELCOME familiarity that allows the new features to shine here. As for the Aquaman-like sword pattern above the wood plate, I don’t really get it and it’s very distractive and disharmony here.

The back side of the mod, work as the magnetic battery cover, has a combination of encircled logotypes and an illustrated tiger sketch. The hand drawn logotype is well rendered and balanced and the tiger sketch as a narrative vehicle delivers some lovely imagines of the primal "woods" and the habits wild animal lived in, all of this could be easily recognized and work by itself.
As the magnetic battery cover, the Wood X200 Box Mod locks TWO 18650 batteries in perfectly. This magnetic battery cover is solid enough without worrying too much of the horizontal and vertical play like other kind of battery door, and it opens quickly while fastens relatively securely. Nevertheless, this is a Lift-up kind of magnetic door, NOT the sliding magnetic door like the Coil Art mech box I reviewed last week, so it requires a gently aligning magnets with each other, which is no way one-hand operation. But then, it fastens batteries really tight.
The Wood X200 Box Mod weighs light in a proper size as 98mm by 58mm by 27.5mm, slightly bigger than Woody Vapes S3 and Woody Vapes E118 but carries one more 18650 battery while provide a super comfortable hand feel.
Recently, in reviewing a lot of the existing vape products, I have noticed a trend. Boxes with a heavy design element are sometimes derided among us pragmatist. However, we must give Woody Vapes credit that this is not just another instance of a new commercialized device with special designs or different colors – so don't get too distracted by the tasteful baking finish paint and the high-grade wood plate, because, in fact, there is much more to this Wood X200 Box Mod that is noteworthy. Refinements and upgraded features on this X200 box go a long way in adding to its appeal in its actual performance.

The Wood X200 is capable of outputting a maximum output power of 200W, and features a High Quality 200W Gene Chip, which is as good as DNA200 Chip. The 200-watt power output is a go-to spec nowadays, but the High Quality 200W Gene Chip works efficiently making it a high-powered mods to produce decent vapor for days.
The Woody design continues with its wood-textured Power button, +/- buttons. Which are well-proportioned and could be easily accessed by the thumb. The wood texture on top of the power button looks nice and feels smooth and warm. 

Wood X200 Box Mod implements upgraded five kinds of working interface for atomizer wire with different material: Constant power, temperature control Ni, temperature control Ti, temperature control NiCr, temperature control SUS. Several common protection methods are implemented here, such as output short circuit protection, overtime protection, high temperature protection, etc.
 When you start up your box, press "Power Button" three times quickly, the five interface can be switched orderly. Besides, when press “+”, “-” buttons at the same time for 2 Seconds, it will realize left and right switch of the screen, which is a very convenient and humanitarian approach.

The Wood X200 utilizes a very high-grade OLED screen, which is properly bright and so you won’t have any issue reading the screen even in bright lighting. The big numerals, battery status, resistance value, etc. are easy to read. The whole user interface is friendly.The Wood X200 gets a spring type gold-plated 510 connectors with striking engraving logotype wrap around the connector.
Wood X200, with the character-rich and aesthetically noteworthy look, is indeed be very fashionable at the moment, something the company have been trying to match with excellent performance and construction for a reasonable price. I love that Woody Vapes is making this style of box mod accessible to the mass market and I’m very excited to see what it does to the market...  read more at AVE40
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