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Innokin iClear16 eGo Dual Coil Clearomizer is the first dual coil clearomizer with a replaceable atomizer. The iClear16 produces astonishing amount of vapour and flavor. Its features are listed as below:

1. Dual coils, 4 wicks and replaceable coil heads

2. 1.6ml Capacity, 1.8ohm Resistance

3. Compatible to 510/eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C/eGo-C Twist Battery

Please Note:

1. We can't meet the demand to refill empty cartomizers with e-juice for customers.

2. Please be sure that the coil unit is screwed into the cartomizer tightly. If you get few vapor when you use, try to make the clear cartomizer upside down to let the fibre wick and coil get e-liquid, which are on the top of the cartomizer. 

3. When the cartomizer does not perform well or stops working due to heavy use, just replace the coil unit with a new one, you will get a new cartomizer!

How to Refill the Clearomizer

1. Remove the mouthpiece and fill in no more than 1.6ml e-liquid. Try not to get e-Liquid in the center hole as it's used for air flow. 

2. Put the mouthpiece back, allow 1-2 minutes for the E-Juice to feed into the coil before you start vaping, or give the cartomizer a quick shake to make it faster. 

3. Screw onto your battery and start vaping.

Basic Facts:

Unit: 5pc/Pack

Color: Black, Blue, Green, Pure, Purple, Red

Capacity: 1.6ml

Resistance: 1.8ohm

Tube Material: Plastic

Threading: eGo

Package: Simple Package

Items Contained:

5*Innokin iClear16 Clearomizer (1 Pack)

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