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Quick Overview:

  • Proudly and originally from Vision.
  • Available in various colors to meet your different preferences.
  • From mini size to extended length with the same diameter to find a good balance between portability and duration of vaping.
  • Refined workmanship to improve the overall user experience with a knurled knob precisely twistable with the “V” pointer to find the vapor that suits you best.
  • Separate packing to easily distinguishable from the previous version.


Product Background:

Like its predecessor the Vision Spinner, the NEW Spinner incorporates a detail-oriented design on the appearance including improved knurled knob and logo feature and adopts the smart buck-boost converter technology for you to spin the knob from a minimum 3.3v to the maximum 4.8v, a step forward to create a product that tops the line. Together with the Vision Spinner V2, the NEW Vision is surely among the best of your vaping choices


User Recommendation

This newly designed Vision Spinner VV battery is a fully compatible battery both for eGo and 510 threaded tanks, a must-have for anyone looking for a small-sized yet coming with complete functionalities and full transportability. One charge may well satisfy a whole day’s vaping if you make your choice on a higher-capacity of 1300mAh. Please also be informed that working at a high voltage could drain the battery faster than you think. You can start from a lower voltage all the way to a higher one until you find the right vapor and throat hit using the best of your tank.


User Guide

The Vision Spinner Battery is a user-friendly device for anyone to start vaping on with. Like most of other batteries or mods, one needs to click the power button for five times within two seconds to activate the battery, a precaution against accidental power-on. Another five clicks will power it off. Also, if you keeping pressing the button for eight seconds, it is another feature of this battery to automatically shut down to prevent from overheating the atomizer or cartomizer.


Battery Capacities: 650mAh/900mAh1100mAh/1300mAh

Voltage Range: 3.3v–4.8v

Colors: Black/Blue/Purple/Pink/White/Stainless/Rainbow

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