Smok TFV12 Coil Heads 3pcs/ Pack

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You're never alone with CRAZINESS! SMOK TFV12, with its five ever biggest& cloud-chasing coil heads, namely V12-T12, V12-T6,V12-T4 V12-X4 and V12-Q4, cater towards modern trends of power Significantly, the V12-T12 coil head, with twelve coils in one, as crazy as you would expect, brings the watts to the table by producing up to a 350W higher level. As for the V12-T6,V12-T4 and V12-X4,they are less crazy but with no less high vapor performance or excellent flavor recreation.

Product Features & Spec:

0.12ohm Duodenary Coils
Cloud vapor chasing
60-350W/ Best:130-200W

0.16ohm Octuple Coils
Brings deep and rich cloud vapor
70-320W/ Best:120-200W

0.16ohm Sextuple Coils
3 Juice Flow Control Design
Better e-juice atomization effect
90-320W/ Best:120-180W

0.15ohm Quadruple Coils
Brings deep and rich cloud taste
60-220W/ Best:100-170W

0.15ohm Quadruple Coils
Brings smooth taste
60-190W/ Best:90-160W

Product Package:

1 x Smok TFV12 Coil Heads (3pcs/Pack)


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