Wholesale Smok U-DCT V1 510 Dual Coil Cartomizer 6.0ml

Brand: Smok
Product Code: Smok 21
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Weight: 0.07g
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Price: $11.99

Product Description:

Udct V1 is the improvement of normal dct.This is a new version of the DCT that holds your DCT cartomizer in place.  There is a grooved channel on the bottom to hold your cartomizer and keep it from spinning. The tank does not slide out inadvertently a cap screws on the bottom locking the cartomizer in place.

Features include

  • UDCT cartomizer tank holds 6ml capacity
  •  improved udct tank cartomizers with an extra thread
  • Brass top and bottom with a plastic window 
  • Huge vapor and awesome performance
  • Removable cartomizer replaced easily 


Package contents:

  • 1PC* Udct v1 tube
  • 1PC* DCT cartomizer
  • 1PC* Drip tip

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