Ave40 Drop Shipping Program Details

Ave40 Drop Shipping Program Details

Introducing Ave40 Drop Shipping Program
In our drop shipping program, you can sell directly to your customers whatever e-cig items that Ave40 has to offer by establishing this Drop Shipping Partnership with us. Items ordered will be shipped directly from Ave40 warehouse to your end customers. Below are how you can join and what benefits you will gain.

Benefits of Drop Shipping with Ave40
1. Free of Charge
2. Free of Risks
3. Time Saving
4. Competitive Prices

The most significant benefits of this program are that, firstly, it’s completely free of charge, and that equally important, it’s risks free because it allow the elimination of the your upfront inventory. It’s all on us to bear the inventory and ship the items directly to your end customers. That’s why Ave40 Drop Shipping program also has its advantages for anyone entering this program as it (can) obscure the actual shipper from the final receiver, thus preserving a middleman's role by preventing direct communication/awareness between the original seller and final buyer, without requiring a middleman to bear the costs/delay in physically taking in the goods, repackaging, relabeling, etc.

Why we are saying you will most likely benefit from it? Because it is the best way of saving manpower and time normally consumed in repetitively picking up orders from Ave40 to retailers from which orders are again assorted and shipped to the end customers, instead Ave40 drop ship it directly to your end customers with the information that you provide us. And eventually the money saved will be the price lowered to pass on to the end customers. The lowered retail prices, when combined with marketing campaigns, will attract lots of potential customers who drive the sales volume along with the commission yielded for you, and also awareness of your store. You can price the items to be sold to your customers at your own discretion.

Anyway, let this program spare you more time to focus on the most crucial parts of your business and, meanwhile, yield more returns for you!


What Role does Ave40 Play in This Program
Ave40 will provide product information for your marketing purpose. Moreover, as is mentioned before, Ave40 will directly drop ship the orders placed by you to your end customers with the address information provided. Measures will be taken by us to hide the fact that goods are shipped from Ave40 to avoid stigma using “blind shipping” by which goods are shipped without indication of returning address of Ave40.
Equally important, Ave40 process order, provide after-sale customer services, and all the other possible issues.
You earn your profits by the agreed percentage of sales as commission or by other ways to be negotiated separately.


What do you need to do after joining our Drop Shipping Program
To effectively get this program running, you will be responsible for displaying and reselling Ave40 products using your own online marketing platforms including B2B websites such as eBay and Amazon, and your own websites. You can sell our products internationally as per laws and regulations of the importing countries.
In all, you sell, we do the rest!


How to join our Drop Shipping Program
Before joining us in this program, you need to register an Ave40 account by clicking the Register at the upper left corner of www.ave40.com. This is how we receive your orders and get proceeded with them. Once you have an order from your clients, you place it with us and leave your client’s address to your Ave40 account. Alternatively, you can simply drop us an email to info@ave40.com.cn, . Our staff team will respond manually. We will take care of the rest of work upon receiving your payment.
To join our Drop Shipping Program or if you have further queries, please contact us by emailing to marketing@ave40.com.cn, and include your website(s) information for marketing / display of Ave40 products.
We believe this is a mutually beneficial program that would satisfy both sides, and therefore bid you sincere welcome to work with us towards a fruitful future!

If you don't know how to place a drop ship order, here is a guide on drop ship.


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